Intuition, spirit guidance, meditation and tarot cards are some of the tools used to work together unblocking and empowering you. Involving a combination of conversation, energy reading and a homework ritual, I see the persons energy body then hear and feel from spirits connected to that person. I interpret the messages and tell people what could be hidden talents and gifts or this that could be blocking them on the path to being their authentic self.


Sometimes we all need a little self care, life can be tough at times, our balance and harmony can be thrown out of alignment. I offer meditation and Reiki treatments which relax, realign and boosts your feelings of self worth. Alongside treatments are courses to work on your authentic self helping you live your best life including remote healing sessions which help by clearing emotional blocks, fears and limiting beliefs.


Please visit our store for a range of hand sourced, handmade and personally selected products and tools which can be used to develop your own Sacred Space whether this be within or a physical place to be and develop. Our store is updated regularly so please do stop by from time to time, or do get in touch if you need help sourcing a particular item. We recommend our Sacred Cacao which has medicinal qualities and is incredibly tasty.

Welcome to the Sacred Space

Hello, I am Emma an intuitive healer who infuses mystic practices into everyday life – a witch, a healer and a spiritual mentor. Since opening my Sacred Space I have empowered many women to believe in themselves with the intention to embody their true authentic power, purpose and come home to who they were meant to be.

I have been through multiple transformations herself and knows what it takes to make deep rooted changes that stick, and to get through tough times and emerge stronger and wiser. I empower women to leave behind self-doubt, disempowering patterns and return to their authentic self, to improve wellbeing and success. I have been described  as ‘A real witch superwoman who empowers others wherever she goes.’ 

Through my work with individuals and groups, I translate spiritual practices  with a hint of magic that we can use in tour daily lives. Soothing the burdens of modern life and healing inner traumas with meditation, rituals, crystals and energy healing. With my healing therapies, I guide my clients to realise their own potential by awakening their intuition and supporting them to return to their authentic self. I hold regular moon ceremonies and spiritual workshops in Cornwall.

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Supporting women on their journey to healing, self love, awakening and intuitive living.

One of my biggest passions is working with individuals to align them to their highest truth and empower them to operate from a space of their highest potential and vibrancy.

My work addresses the whole person – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I take time to understand my clients life to better support them in their process of consciousness, personal growth and self love. I believe in intuitive, sustainable, and heart-led living.

My sessions  are a infusion of  Holding a safe space, Sacred Cacao Ritual / Intention Setting, Reiki &  Crystal Energy Healing & Guided Meditation. 

What I do:

– Energy healer
– Spiritual Mentor
– Set your intentions and start manifesting
– Discover how to work with the moon
– Set goals for the rest of your year
– Releasing of the old and bring in the new
– Guided spiritual and Re- Map meditations
– Learn how to create your own rituals to hold in your home
– Meet a new tribe of like minded women