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Emma Griffin is the founder of the Sacred Space based in Cornwall UK. She is an eclectic Witch, intuitive channeller and a mystical teacher who has guided thousands of women around the globe with her most popular session the Guidance Medicine Reading®

Born in London and raised in Nottinghamshire Emma has grown up in a magical household. Her mother was also a Witch and a well known tarot reader and her father did some platform psychic mediumship. She was brought up to believe in magic, fairies and her family often did seanaces after a Sunday roast! Emma has always been obsessed with magic and all things metaphysical ever since she was a child. Through her teens she became aware of synchronicities those signs from the universe, learnt how to tune in to her intuition and started her path as a Witch at the age of 21.

Emma lives with her husband in Cornwall, a mother of two mini adults six dogs and a cat. Through Emma’s life she has gone through major transformations, traumas and events which has brought her to today and who she is now. She realised that she had the power deep within herself. It was there all along; she just had to learn to look inside herself and to dig it out from under years of familial societal programming. Emma  learnt that we ALL have everything we need to be successful. No matter what we have gone through. No matter what we have had to overcome.

Once she learned to look within and harness the power of intuition, she transformed her life. Now she guides others how to create the life of their dreams.

“At the start of my own journey I was always searching for a fix I held  a dissatisfaction of how I was living my life, every thing I was being told that would make me happy seemed to be taking me further and further away from my happiness, my inside world didn’t  feel real.  It was only when I took the first step to connect  back to myself,  listening to that voice within and learning to love myself did I find happiness.  You must give yourself the space and the time to figure it out for yourself…that is our life’s work.

In 2019 the Sacred Space was launched centring on Emma’s unique Sacred Life® formula, rooted in her energetic gifts, magic, spiritual practices and a fully present heart centred life. Her unique formula of guidance called, Guidance Medicine Reading®  is known for helping women around the world to unlock what they want from life. Her philosophy teaches you to connect back to your soul to live and learn from your heart space fully in the present, a place of continual growth instead of fear.

“I believe that I was born to help women connect back to their soul to live and learn from their heart space fully in the present, a place of continual growth instead of fear“

She thrives in witnessing the process of her clients who have made the commitment to honour themselves, step into their true power and to live a heart centred life.


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