Guidance Medicine Reading® £111 (1hr)

This is a sacred practice for Emma and this isn’t the usual mediumship reading! Guidance Medicine Reading® is where Emma will delve into your soul and life path, returning you to your authentic self.

What is a Guidance Medicine Reading® 

As an intuitive channeller Emma has the ability to go into other dimensions in order to gain access to information about her clients. Channeling allows Emma to connect with her higher self,  to connect to her spirit counsel, which is 12 higher beings who guard humanities contracts of souls. They relay a loving teaching, wisdom, knowledge, and healing energy that she relays to her clients. During this session some loved ones in the spirit world do also come forward to relay guidance to Emma’s clients. This is an incredibly intimate and rewarding process that allows you to hear the advice and support that your guides wish to offer you.

It’s a therapy for the soul, crafted to help you heal, grow, expand, find clarity and get back in touch to who you really are – your authentic self. 

“I believe that I was born to help women connect back to their soul to live and learn from their heart space fully in the present, a place of continual growth instead of fear“

During these sessions Emma uplifts and inspires her clients to live to the fullest. You can discuss any concerns relating to your personal and work life, relationships and emotions. She can work through your limiting beliefs, confidence issues or anything holding you back from living a happy abundant life currently.

How it works: A Guidance Medicine Reading® is held via video call on Zoom.  Emma will read your energy and share with you what she is hearing, seeing and feeling from her spirit counsel. When you start to talk and radiate your energy Emma immediately sees and senses the whole of you, past, present and future.

It is recommend that you prepare for your Guidance Medicine Reading® by reflecting on your intention for the session including anything and everything that is coming up for you in life at this time. Before our session please make notes of what you would like to discuss with Emma, so you get the most out of our session. The more energy you put into your notes and the more energy you give out on our session, the more Emma can channel.

A Guidance Medicine Reading® is for you if…

  • You want to release your blocks, fears and limits beliefs,
  • You want to start to path to find your authentic self,
  • You have awoken to your spiritual path and are feeling lost,
  • You wish to create new patterns of self love
  • Wanting to fall deeper in love with your soul

How these sessions have helped others:

Inner child traumas
Removing blocks
Past life healing
Business decisions
How to set intentions
Releasing the inner WITCH within
Work with the moon
Directions of your soul path,
Confidence issues
Learn how to manifest
Finding peace
Depression and anxiety help
Help with fears of judgment, failure or not being good enough
Not being in your worth

What is channelling?

Channelling is a natural form of communication and it is a way of communicating to any consciousness that is not in human form. It is a process of opening dimensional pathways that you have within yourself, allowing these beings of consciousness into your energy field to share information with you.

Did you know that the future isn’t set in stone. Things change, paths change and so in my work I can only tune in to what you’re aligned with based on the path you’re on. It’s part of the reason in my Guidance Medicine Reading ® I don’t like to focus on fortune-telling, rather what you need to do to create the life you actually want.

In my personal practice I do a full hour long personal trance channel once a week.  Even though I can connect to my guides on a daily basis, its through  channelling the higher wisdom comes in. Channelling has opened up pathways for me to speak and communicate with my guides and spiritual counsel and it changed the way I live my life.⁠ Personally can’t think of anything more magical than receiving divine guidance and allowing the guidance to lead your life.⁠

Disclaimer; I am here to empower and guide you BUT your life is your own creation to make. I can’t do the work for you, it’s is your commitment to yourself to do the hard work.  I believe you already know where it is you need to go and what it is you need to do, I can’t decide for you. I am only your guide on your path  to  find your way home to your authentic self.

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“Something magical happens when you get a Guidance Medicine Reading® from Emma at the Sacred Space. It’s as though she takes you to another dimension where it’s just the two of you and she’s downloading info straight from an unseen magical source. She is so spiritually connected, and has such a generous soul. Every reading I’ve had has been so incredibly thorough! Emma and her work is a gift that keeps on giving long after your session with her is complete”

Guidance Medicine Reading® Client

“Emma is a powerful WITCH. She is kind, incredibly tuned in, intuitive and clear. She pushes through energetic blocks while holding incredible space for you with love. I felt completely supported. I’ve had three sessions and I am emerging out of my personal fog and starting to see my true authentic path forward feeling more confident and grounded. Working with Emma has been powerful for me – I call her my spirit guide!”

Guidance Medicine Reading® Client