Guidance Medicine Reading® £111 (1hr)

This session is my most popular with people from all over the world getting in touch for guidance. I combine my gifts as a Witch, Channel, and Psychic Medium.  Teachings from my family lineage passed down through generations of healers, medicine women, Witches and mediums to help you come back to your self. Back to your roots where your authentic self lives. 

What is a Guidance Medicine Reading® 

This is a space to be held and truly listened too. Each Reading is unique and different for each client as you are all unique in your own journey. It is a soul therapy a combination of my gifts as a Witch, Healer, Channel, Psychic Medium, and counselling education.

Along with my connection to my Guides and Ancestors. It’s a therapy for the soul, crafted to help you heal, grow, expand, find clarity and get back in touch to who you really are – your authentic self. 

During these sessions I uplift and inspire my clients to live to the fullest. We can discuss any concerns relating to your personal and work life, relationships and emotions. We can work through your limiting beliefs, confidence issues or anything holding you back from living a happy abundant life currently.

How it works: When you book a Guidance Medicine Reading® we sit and talk via video call on Zoom about anything in your life you are looking to call in or to clear out. I will read your energy and share with you what I am hearing, seeing and feeling from the spirits which are around you at that present time. When you start to talk and radiate your energy I immediately see and sense the whole of you, past, present and future. I recommend preparing for your Guidance Medicine Reading® by reflecting on your intention for the session including anything and everything that is coming up for you in life at this time. When you meet me I will ask if there is anything you are wanting to work on.  Then, as you start to speak I will read your energy and share with you what I am hearing, seeing and feeling from the spirits that are around you at that present time.

Before our session please make notes of what you would like to discuss with me, so you get the most out of our session. The more energy you put into your notes and the more energy you give out on our session, the more I can channel.

Areas that I give guidance on are  about intentions you have set, as well as your direction, emotional well being, work life, love life and family. We can work through your limiting beliefs, confidence issues or anything holding you back from living a happy abundant life.

Helping with:

– Your self doubt and limiting beliefs
– Help you  feel more in touch with who you really are, your truth, your purpose, and what fires you up inside
– Help with your  job, your business or  relationship that should be lighting you up
  Help with anxiety and fears of judgment,  failure, of not being good enough – not being in your worth!

This isn’t like any other ‘reading’ or ‘psychic mediumship’. The result is that you will leave feeling a bit deeper in yourself, hold clarity and most importantly feel happy and empowered. 

How these sessions have helped others:

– Business decisions
– How to set intentions
– Inner child traumas
– Work with the moon
– Getting on track finding your right path
– Confidence issues
– Learn how to manifest
– Finding peace
– Depression and anxiety help
– Empowerment
– Rituals

Ideal for women who are

– Seeking answers for questions in their life now
– Looking for messages from the spirit world
– To find out if they are on the right path
– Never had a reading before and being called to the Sacred Space out of interest

How often should you book such a session?

You will feel when it’s the right time for you. Clients see me once a month, twice a year or once in a lifetime for a Guidance Medicine Reading (it’s never more than once a month). 

How would you describe what you do?

A Guidance Medicine Reading® is a healing tool that I created, and designed to empower you to be your authentic self. It involves the combination of conversation, energy reading, and a homework ritual. I see the persons energy body and I also see hear and feel from spirits that are connected to that person. I interpret what I see and hear and tell people what I see that could be hidden talents and gifts or this that could be blocking them on the path to being their authentic self. 

Disclaimer; I am here to empower and guide you BUT your life is your own creation to make. I can’t do the work for you, it’s is your commitment to yourself to do the hard work.  I believe you already know where it is you need to go and what it is you need to do, I can’t decide for you. I am only your guide on your path  to  find your way home to your authentic self.

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“Something magical happens when you get a Guidance Medicine Reading® from Emma at the Sacred Space. It’s as though she takes you to another dimension where it’s just the two of you and she’s downloading info straight from an unseen magical source. She is so spiritually connected, and has such a generous soul. Every reading I’ve had has been so incredibly thorough! Emma and her work is a gift that keeps on giving long after your session with her is complete”

Guidance Medicine Reading® Client

Soul Business Mentoring £111 (1hr)

Combining my gifts as a Witch, Psychic Medium and also knowledge gained by running my own businesses, this session aims to guide you back to your true authentic self and to your dream heart-centered business.

I can help you move past the challenges you’re facing in your life and achieve the goals you’ve been dreaming of, helping you see things in new ways, and providing you with practical tools and advice. Whether you’re about to start your new venture or are already established and want to take your soulful business to new heights, I can offer support in the following areas:

– Breaking through your blocks and limiting beliefs,
– Learn how to get your brand noticed
– Aligning your true self with your business
– Social media

I can help you get your brand noticed and bring your dreams into reality, set a solid business plan and establish what areas you would like to improve.

I also offer support in the following areas:

– Law of Attraction
– Spirituality
– Running a soulful business
– Social media
– Inner child work
– General life coaching

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“Emma is a powerful WITCH. She is kind, incredibly tuned in, intuitive and clear. She pushes through energetic blocks while holding incredible space for you with love. I felt completely supported. I’ve had three sessions and I am emerging out of my personal fog and starting to see my true authentic path forward feeling more confident and grounded. Working with Emma has been powerful for me – I call her my spirit guide!”

Guidance Medicine Reading® Client