One of the most sought after healing crystals in the world. Green Fluorite is an amazing auric cleanser. Use it in clockwise circular motions above and around the body to cleanse the aura. It is as if a fresh breath of nature’s air breezes over and through your body!

Fluorite is known to hoard off negative energies, and purify toxins from your body as well as increasing intuition and confidence. Particularly healing to the heart Chakra, Fluorite lets information rise from the subconscious, and helps you understand issues of the heart, both current and past. Fluorite is great to have in your home as it’s a cleansing stone brings a spring like freshness to the chakras. It inspires new ideas, and harmonises the mind with the hear. The one thing I love about this stone is how it helps your thoughts align with your true purpose. Physically, Green Fluorite enhances the immune system, increases cell regeneration and assimilates vital nutrients. It helps bones and teeth, and eases arthritis. Green Fluorite heals scars, both emotional as well as physical. It can help with sore throats, ulcers, stomach upsets and insomnia.