Take time to reflect and enjoy the ancient practice of burning incense, used for thousands of years for its spiritual, therapeutic and healing properties.

This blend of sacred resins and herbs have been intuitively chosen for their grounding, energising and balancing properties. Many of the herbs have been organically grown in my garden, other ingredients are wild harvested, ethically and organically sourced.

The blend includes:

Frankincense, rose, lavender and lemon grass.

How to burn loose incense: (Charcoal disc comes with the jar)

– Place the charcoal disc in a heatproof dish
– Hold a flame to the charcoal disc until it sparkles and is lit. You can wait until a small area turns to an ash grey colour
– Add a very small amount of incense on top and enjoy

* Be careful when handling the charcoal discs when lit, they remain hot for quite some time. Do not leave unattended , or using in a none heatproof dish