Mugwort and Lavender Smudge Sticks


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Homegrown and handmade organic Mugwort and Lavender smudge sticks crafted with magical Mugwort foraged under the full moon. Use to ward off evil, cleanse away negative energies and to prevent illness in the home. Mugwort is referred to by many as the ‘dream plant’ and is thought to bring lucidity to dreams making them easier to recall in the morning. Lavender – has a calming affect on the body, promoting a good nights sleep whilst soothing the central nervous system.

This smudge  stick is intended to bring magic and protection with a cleansing beautiful smoke, they contain:

– Mugwort (divination, dream work)

– Lavender (healing, cleansing)

1 in stock


HOW TO USE: To use your smudge stick, light the end with a lighter, match or from a candle and once it has caught, gently blow it out so that it smoulders. The smudge stick will emit a gentle and aromatic smoke that you can use to move around an area, room or your own body. Always take care when burning smoulder sticks and never leave them unattended. Ensure that you use with a fireproof bowl to catch any falling embers and put the stick out after each burning session using the bowl.


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