Sacred Cacao Medicine Ceremony

The art of Ceremony lies in the power of your intention and prayer. Through the union of Sacred Cacao and learning how to be present to your higher self you are the bridge between worlds. You are the Medicine your ceremony is uniquely yours. When we connect to our higher self and become fully present it helps release limitations and remove blocks from all aspects of our being helping us to more fully feel, remember and embrace the truth of this light that we are. 

As I take you through this Sacred Cacao Medicine Ceremony, you may like to choose a space where you can not be interrupted. You need to be sat up comfortably and have the following items with you:

– A pen and journal
– A white candle
– Smudge stick or Palo Santo stick
– Some crystals around or in front of you
– Your Sacred Cacao hot and ready to drink in your favourite mug.

The ceremony is presented as a 22mb downloadable audio file which works best when played through headphones.