Sacred Cacao Pots 50ml


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Our most popular product! I made this little hug in a mug because its the main tool I use in my personal practice. My own blend of Sacred Cacao to make at home with love and set intentions. I use this time to be fully present, time out for my self and meditate and journal. This moment provides me with my own Sacred Cacao little ceremony in my home and I wanted to share this with you!

Sacred Cacao is a plant-based antioxidant which will help reduce tiredness , open your heart chakra, fills you with self love, reduce anxiety by helping you to combat stress, relax and maintain a sense of calm. A natural way to feel good! 

There are two sizes available. A single serving of our unique blend of Sacred Cacao in reusable recycled glass jars 50ml or 300ml which contains 7 single servings .

A little hug in mug, handmade with loving intention, super charged with reiki and full moon energy.

50 in stock


Reasons to love this jar…

1. Combats fatigue
2. Improves mood and balances mood swings
3. Makes your skin glow
4. Prevents premature ageing
5. Improves digestions
6. Has high amounts of antioxidants

Mix with 200ml of dairy free milk, our preference is Oatly which makes a lovely rich combination. Add the whole jar directly to your milk in a pan over heat whisking continuously until hot, be careful to not let it boil.

It’s great to drink this during setting your intentions on a full moon, or take it in a flask to enjoy in nature while you meditate.

Please do not drink if pregnant. Do not drink coffee or alcohol at least one hour before or after this drink.

This product contains the finest Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Kosher, gluten free and sustainably sourced ingredients.


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