Past Life Therapy Sessions £80

In these sessions I start with an aura reading. An aura is described as an electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body and is associated with your energy. I am also able look into your Aura field to see colours and energy patterns. This enables me to help you understand your current or past blocks, while giving you ways to heal. Furthermore, I divulge specific and detailed information on your personality traits and how you can use those traits to your benefit in every day life.

Then working together through a short meditation and energy transmitting, we’ll look at a snapshot of past life in which you were mastering a lesson relevant to what’s coming up in your present life. Perfect for anyone who’s looking to start connecting to a deeper sense of purpose and is ready to clear any stuck energy, old stories, or fears that may be standing in the way of your path. 

As in all my work I channel in these sessions so I will give guidance from spirit as well through this process. 

Sessions are offered as online video/audio calls via Zoom only. Please make sure to have the latest version of Zoom downloaded.

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Learn How To Manifest Everything You want In Life £90

The Universe itself becomes a very close friend who is willing to go the distance just so you can get what you want. Like a magical genie, the Universe will now conspire with you to make your dreams come true. And like a genie, all you have to do now is to ask for the things that matter to you the most and it shall be given to you by the Universe. Though it may sound simple, you must understand the law of attraction is like a very precise measuring instrument.

These one-to-one sessions get you started in manifestation work and how to use the law of attraction, transforming your subconscious conditioning so you can create, manifest and live the life you are meant to live.

Through my own unique manifestation process which uses a mixture of spirituality, psychology and a little magic, you can learn to manifest really anything you want, for example attracting money, new career, even love.

Sessions are offered as online video/audio calls via Zoom only. 

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Spirit Evening Q&A (Group event) £20 per person

Join me for a Spirit Evening Q&A within a sacred circle, this is a session filled with love, answers, spirit connections and Sacred Cacao.

Ask anything about life, love and the afterlife in this intimate, beautiful and safe setting! Bring your friends and join me for this powerful experience which features a live Q&A evening of spirit within a group.  Share stories and create a space out of love not fear. I will answer your questions about spirits, the spirit world and how to work with spirits.  I will guide the group into a spirit meditation, where you will learn how to receive messages from spirits yourself.

After this journey, and to close the evening, I will hold space for everyone to discuss, we will share my Sacred Cacao which will help you feel a deeper connection to spirit, bringing comfort in knowing that your loved ones on the other side are always with you.

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